Another crazy decree! When 653 bullets were stolen, dictator Kim Jong imposed a lockdown in the entire city.

653 Bullets Missing In North Korea: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has once again put people in trouble by issuing a whimsical decree. This time he says that Hyesan, a city with a population of more than two lakhs, will be kept in lockdown until he gets 653 bullets. According to Radio Free Asia, bullets from 653 guns went missing during a military retreat. After this, Kim Jong has ordered the officials to search the entire city. 

In the report, a resident of Rayanggang told that the lockdown will remain till all 653 bullets are found in the city. According to the report, on March 7, the 7th Battalion of the Korean People’s Army had returned from this area. The army was stationed here during the Corona epidemic and was called back after seeing the end of the Corona crisis. Meanwhile, the case of missing 653 bullets also came to the fore. Now a comprehensive investigation is going on in the city to search for these bullets. 

Order to assist in investigation

First the soldiers started searching for the bullets themselves without reporting the matter, but when they felt that they could not find it alone, they informed the authorities about it. This was followed last week by orders on factories, farms, social groups in the province to actively assist in ammunition-related investigations, and a lockdown was decreed. 

Strong search operation continues 

A thorough search operation is going on in the city. For this the entire city has been sealed. The police and the army are jointly conducting house-to-house searches. This is not the first time that the people of North Korea have heard such an order. Even before this, dictator Kim Jong has issued orders in many strange ways. Kim Jong’s dictatorship can be gauged from the fact that no other girl in the country can name herself after his daughter. 

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