Ankita Srivastava Birthday: This is how Bollywood said ‘Welcome’ to Ankita, this is how the Kanpuriya girl made her career

Ankita Srivastava Unknown Facts: Ankita Srivastava, who has earned name in TV world and film world, is not dependent on any identity today. He traveled from the bylanes of Kanpur to Mayanagari Mumbai on his own and also achieved success. Today i.e. 25 May is Ankita’s birthday. He was born during the year 1991 in Kanpur. Let us tell some stories related to his life…

Ankita was educated in Kanpur only

Ankita’s studies were done in Kanpur only. After this, he took a step to earn a name in the modeling world and moved to Delhi. After spending some time in Delhi, Ankita came to Mumbai. She did fashion shows in Mumbai. 

Career started with this film

Ankita considers Sridevi as her idol

It is noteworthy that Ankita Srivastava considers Bollywood actress Sridevi as her idol and wants to prove herself as the most glamorous in the film industry. Let us tell you that Ankita’s path in the world of cinema was not easy. He struggled a lot. After a lot of struggle, in 2015, he got the first movie of his career as Welcome Back. After this she was seen in the role of Poonam in the film Sarabjit. 

Ankita’s plan regarding marriage is like this

Discussion of actress affair is very common in the film world, but Ankita stays away from all these. In an interview, he had said that at present he is single and happy. He has not thought anything about the future. He says that it is very important to understand each other to maintain a healthy relationship. 

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