Angelina Jolie Love Story: Angelina used to express love by tying blood around her neck, then why did she divorce Billy Bob?

Angelina Jolie Unknown Facts: Hollywood beauties are mentioned and Angelina Jolie’s name is not mentioned, it is impossible to happen. Actually, as much discussion is done about Angelina’s beauty, her love life was in more headlines than that. Let us tell you that on this day i.e. in the year 2003, on May 27, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton got divorced. However, before this, this couple used to remain in the news regarding the style of their love. Come, let us introduce you to the whole story of this couple from their love rising to reaching the threshold of divorce…

Angelina-Billy got married on this day

May 5 of the year 2000 is the date when Angelina became the second love of her life i.e. Billy Bob Thornton. Actually, on this day this couple was tied in marriage. Then the situation was such that there was love in the air as well and the whole world was drenched with its fragrance. Both were seen swearing each other’s love in the morning and evening. 

This is how they used to express love

Alam was that both had got such lockets made, which looked like vials. Both had filled each other’s blood in these vials, which they used to tie around their necks. Actually, it was nothing but a different way of expressing love towards each other. 

The couple got separated on this day

That was a period when Angelina and Billy Bob’s love affair was discussed everywhere. However, there came a time when both decided to separate. The date of 27th May of the year 2003 brought the end of this relationship and both of them separated from each other forever. Everyone was shocked to see the separation of this couple who swore to live and die for each other. 

The relationship was broken because of this

Angelina had said on the breakdown of this relationship, ‘I am also surprised at the breakdown of this relationship, many times it happens that we change completely overnight.’ Angelina’s statement suggested that someone else had entered Billy Bob’s life.

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