Amazon Prime made fun of Netflix! Then the user asked this question

Netflix vs Amazon : Netflix is ​​on a mission. A mission in which the company is trying to increase its decreasing subscribers so that its revenue can increase. For a long time, news is coming out that Netflix is ​​going to ban password sharing. The company has also done this in some areas. The company has also introduced an ad supported plan, so that people can take their subscription even though it is cheap. Earlier this week, Netflix announced it was expanding its crackdown on password sharing in some countries, including the UK and US.

Amazon mocks Netflix

Netflix is ​​planning to increase its revenue by banning password sharing, but this move is also giving other streaming companies an opportunity to attack Netflix. Recently, Amazon Prime Video UK took a dig at Netflix’s password crackdown policy and reshared an old tweet from the company. Amazon Prime Video UK reshared Netflix’s 2017 tweet. In a 2017 tweet, Netflix wrote, "love is in sharing passwords".

— Prime Video UK (@primevideouk) May 25, 2023

In this tweet of Amazon Prime, a user asked, "is that why prime video is better", On this Amazon Prime Video wrote, "better not loser"


not better just looser! 💖

— Prime Video UK (@primevideouk) May 25, 2023

Sending mail to Netflix users

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