Ajooni 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer is worried he might be Dijendra’s son

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Scene 1
Ravindra is worried about Shanky’s words, Harman asks him to eat something. He says I am not hungry, did Rajveer eat? Bebe says if you are hungry then nobody would eat. They are all liars. Ravindra says I know but I have to investigate everything. Bebe says you will send Rajveer there? Harman says not at all, I will die before letting Rajveer leave the house. Ravindra hugs her and says Dijendra is up to something, we have to find out the truth. He tells Harman that Dijendra’s proposal came for you first but you said no and got married to me.. maybe he is taking revenge. I don’t want to worry Rajveer, I will find out the truth.

Rajveer is angry and cutting wood. Ajooni comes there and tries to stop him. She gets hurt so Rajveer rushes to her. He cleans her face and says I am sorry. Ajooni bandages his bleeding hand and says what are you doing? this is foolishness. Rajveer says all that have broken me, I spent my life here, what if I have to leave from here. Ajooni says they are all lying, we will find out the truth. Ravindra comes there and says I trust her words. Ajooni says we can find out the truth, we can go to the hospital and check the records. Rajveer says what if this is all true? Ravindra says I trust Lord to be with us. I will come with you both.

Scene 2
Ajooni, Rajveer and Ravindra come to the hospital. Ajooni asks the receptionist if she can show them records of babies born 28 years ago? she says we can’t give you that. A doctor comes there so Ravindra talks to him, he tells the receptionist to give them all the info they need. They all go from there. Shanky comes there and gives the file to the doctor, he asks him to show this Ravindra and I will make you rich. He nods.

The doctor brings the records to Ravindra, Rajveer and Ajooni. He says 3 kids were born that day. One was Rajveer and the other one was Shanky. Their wards were close to each other.

Shanky calls Dijendra and says I gave fake records to the doctor, we are right on the plan. Dijendra tells Beeji that we are fooling Ravindra, she says we will make sure Shanky becomes the heir of the throne.

Rajveer, Ajooni and Ravindra are in the hospital. Ajooni says this is all confusing, I think they are just lying. A patient rushes there and says I want my baby.. The doctor says she is our old patient, she used to work here a nurse. He says she was here when Rajveer was born, she must know a lot. Ajooni goes to the woman and asks how is she? she says I lost my son because I snatched two kids from their mothers. I did all that for moeny. I swapped kids after taking money from a man. Ravindra asks who gave you money? do you remember that guy? She says I don’t remember anything. That man was wearing a neck band, she leaves from there. Shanky hides and smirks.

Dijendra tells Shanky that I am happy today. He tells Beeji that Ajooni was inquiring a lot. She says Ajooni seems smart and educated so we have to be careful. Shanky says I will fool them so much. Kaviri looks on.

Rajveer tells Ravindra that this woman might be telling the truth. Ajooni says she might be lying, we can’t trust her.

PRECAP – Rajveer brings Dijendra’s lawyer and says he would read his will to us and we will find out whose name is written as his son.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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