‘Aishwarya is the aunt of the second generation’, when the beauty queen was upset with Sonam’s comment, gave a befitting reply in her own style

It is common to have friendship and enmity between Bollywood stars. Sometimes these stars become known-enemies of each other and sometimes best friends. At the same time, you must have heard the story of cold war between many actresses. We have brought one such story for you in today’s post. This is the cold war between Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor. Once Sonam Kapoor had called Aishwarya Rai ‘aunt of second generation’, due to which Aishwarya became very angry.

Actually, Aishwarya was associated with a big brand for many years. In the year 2009, this beauty brand announced Sonam Kapoor as its brand ambassador. On receiving the news, Aishwarya expressed dissatisfaction. On the other hand, when the media questioned Sonam about the decision to remove Aishwarya from the post of brand ambassador, Sonam said, “Aishwarya is the second generation aunt”. Sonam’s statement created a ruckus. Sonam later clarified on this saying, “Aishwarya has worked with my father in many films, that’s why I called her aunty”. However, later Sonam had categorically denied such rumours. She had said that she can never call Ash ‘aunty’.

And after this incident, when Aishwarya was told in 2011 that she had to walk the ramp with Sonam at the Cannes Film Festival, the actress flatly refused. She said that if Sonam was asked to share the stage with her, she would not walk the ramp. In this way, Aishwarya took revenge by giving a befitting reply to Sonam in her own style. However, now both the actresses have become very close to each other forgetting their past.

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