After all, why is forgetfulness, why nothing is remembered, know what science says

Mental Health Tips: Do you also forget small things quickly? Often went out to buy things from home and forgot to bring them. Many times it also happens when we have something and while searching for it, we lift the whole house on our heads. They are sitting somewhere and leave some of their belongings there. This disease of forgetfulness happens due to many types of problems. Have you ever wondered why we forget things? Why do our memories change? Let’s understand from science..

Out of the box thinking

People who are creative, it is said about them that they forget old things quickly. Experts believe that people who have a habit of forgetting have mastered the art of separating useless things from important things. Meaning their abilities are completely different. Such people think completely differently. Such people solve any problem in a pinch and in a different way. It is definitely awkward but it is considered to be true. Although it is also true that forgetfulness is not considered good.

What Science Says

Scientist doing research on this topic believes that if someone’s life is changing continuously and very fast, then he will forget something sooner than others and his memory also becomes weak and this It becomes part of his habit. According to science, whatever we remember, see or hear, plan for the future depends on our memories. It comes from those things, which used to happen in our life sometime or the other and are not remembered today. Just as a sculptor carves a stone to make an idol. Whatever shape the idol takes, it forgets the real shape of the stone.

It is also necessary to forget

Researchers believe that today various changes are taking place in our lives. In such a situation, our mind also removes unnecessary things, events and memories. That’s why one should always keep learning new things. To learn something new, it is also necessary to forget the things learned earlier, which are of no use. This is the reason that our memory system keeps erasing useless things from our memory and we keep forgetting those things.
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