After all, what is the story of this word mafia and why are the big goons called mafia?

tell you that "mafia" The word is not of Hindi, as well as this word is not of India either. This is an Italian word, which was also first used in Italy. No one person or goon is called mafia. It is a type of criminal organization which includes many goons, their followers and people related to them. These organizations are involved in many types of criminal activities. "mafia" The term is used to refer to organizations that commit large organized crime as well as invest in a variety of businesses.

What are the types of work

Let us tell you that criminals in Italy had organized crime. He made several posts like an institution in crime. Mafia was kept at the top of this. "mafia" Apart from violence, extortion of money by threats, forcing people to follow their rules on the basis of gun, threats, murder, drugs supply, smuggling are involved in such works. Apart from this, the mafia also gets the work done to make agreements between the two groups.

Other names for the mafia?

They are known by different names in different countries. Organizations like this in Nigeria "FY gang" And "FYG" is called. Apart from this, in many African countries, such organizations are  "gang", "the yardie" And "trident" Known by names such as Whereas in Japan the mafia is called ‘Yakuza’. At the same time, it is known as Triad in China, Bratwurst in Russia, Drug Cartel in Mexico and South America. Likewise in many other countries "mafia" is known by other names.

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