Aarya Babbar Birthday: Arya got fame after becoming ‘Ravana’, Bollywood did not adopt it, then it got here

Aarya Babbar Unknown Facts: Born on 24 May 1981 in Mumbai, Arya Babbar’s childhood was spent in the corridors of cinema. Actually, his father Raj Babbar was a veteran Bollywood actor, while mother Nadira Babbar is also a well-known artist in the theater world. However, despite running the color of acting in the blood, Arya did not achieve that position in his life, which his father and mother got. Let us introduce you to some anecdotes from Arya’s life. 

Bollywood debut was done with this film

Please tell that Arya has done the film ‘Ab Ke Baras’ Had made Bollywood debut with, in which his opposite was Amrita Rao. However, he did not get success. After this Arya appeared in many Hindi films, but his films could not show much success. It is worth noting that when Arya’s luck did not shine as a lead actor, he also played the role of a supporting actor, but Bollywood did not suit him. 

Arya also appeared in these films

It is worth mentioning that Arya Babbar has done the film ‘Ready’ with Salman Khan. I also worked in, but even this his career could not gain momentum. Apart from this, he also wrote ‘Matru ki Bijli ka Man Dola’ and ‘Guru’ Appeared in films like, but his coin could not settle in Bollywood. 

Arya got fame by becoming Ravana

Success in Punjabi industry too

Arya Babbar also tried his luck in the Punjabi film industry, where he got success. Arya Babbar’s car started in the Punjabi film industry. His Punjabi film ‘Anmulle’ It is one of the most liked movies. Apart from this, Arya also works in theatre. 

Arya is also embroiled in controversies

Significantly, Arya Babbar ‘Bigg Boss 8’ Have also appeared in Even though he did not show amazing in the show, but he definitely got caught in controversies. Actually, after the show was over, he had said that he had been in a relationship with Minissha Lamba. The actress objected to this, after which Arya had to apologise.

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