A group of boys were seen waving from the serpent on the bike, suddenly became Tata, bye-bye

Today’s youth have a different passion for reels. Sometimes someone is seen dancing in the metro, and sometimes someone is pulling the ground under people’s feet with amazing stunts. One such viral video on social media is surprising people these days, in which three boys riding on a moving bike were trying to perform strange stunts in the middle of the road, but only then something happened, which is going to be remembered for a lifetime. .

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road accident video viral

In this 11-second video, three boys riding a Splendor motorcycle are seen fighting with a serpent. During this, these mischievous boys do something that breaks their back. In the video, the high enthusiasm of the boys performing stunts on the moving bike makes them fall on their face. It can be further seen that due to loss of balance, suddenly the bike collides with the divider. With this, all three fall down badly from the bike. It was a matter of pride that no vehicle was coming from behind, otherwise a big accident could have happened.

stunting on bike became expensive

This strange stunt has been posted on Instagram, which has been viewed by more than 58 thousand people so far, while 600 people have liked the video. Seeing this video going viral, it can be guessed that some person coming from behind must have captured this video in his camera, which is now going viral on the internet. Users who have seen the video are giving different reactions on it. While sharing the video, it is written in the caption, ‘Aur kar lo masti road par.’ One user wrote, ‘These are tick-talk people, they have fallen intentionally, look carefully as soon as they reach the divider, lift their right legs up and spread them.’ Another user wrote, “Boys doing stunts are going without helmets, they will die themselves and will kill others too. Strictest action should be taken against those who do such stunts.”

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