हरे रंग की दाल में है हेल्दी रहने का राज़, हीट स्ट्रोक, कोलेस्ट्रॉल, शुगर में है कारगर, मिलते हैं बड़े फायदे

Moong Dal Health Benefits: Consuming moong dal rich in nutrients is very beneficial for the body. Beneficial moong dal is helpful in preventing many diseases. Its wonderful benefits can be gauged from the fact that a sick person is advised to drink moong dal or its water. Consumption of moong dal rich in anti-oxidants reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Along with this, regular consumption of moong dal can be helpful in maintaining blood pressure. According to the news of Healthline, its nutrients composition can also be helpful in reducing blood sugar. Let’s know about the benefits of moong dal…

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