किडनी को अंदर से सफाई कर देंगे ये 3 नेचुरल ड्रिंक्स, बीमारियों का खतरा होगा कम, हर जगह से निकल जाएगी गंदगी

How to Clean Kidney Naturally: Kidney is the filter of our body which removes all kinds of harmful toxic produced in the body through urine. However, when the amount of harmful toxin increases or due to some reason the kidney starts getting weak, then it becomes necessary to clean the kidney. If the kidney is not cleaned, then the kidney function will not be done properly. If the kidney function is not proper, then excess minerals, chemicals, sodium, calcium, water, phosphorus, potassium, glucose etc. made in the body will not be flushed out. This can cause huge trouble. But with the help of some food, you can correct the kidney function. You can also consume these foods by making juices or drinks. Let us know which drinks work to detox the kidney.

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