कब्ज से रहते हैं परेशान, पीना शुरू कर दें 5 तरह के जूस, कोने-कोने से पेट की होगी सफाई, होंगे कई जबरदस्त लाभ

Juice to Cure Constipation: Nowadays most people suffer from constipation. If the stomach is not cleaned properly in the morning, then throughout the day it remains uncomfortable, heaviness in the stomach, bloating, gas. The problem of constipation is becoming common, the reason for this is haphazard lifestyle, unhealthy eating habit. People eat less healthy, fiber-rich food at home and prefer to eat more outside. Flour, oil-spices, junk food, fast food etc. cause constipation. If you are having bowel movements only two or three times a week, then you are suffering from constipation. Before you suffer from chronic constipation, change your diet and start drinking some of the fruit juices mentioned here.

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